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Find all resources that involve many aspects of keeping Hutchinson’s community active and engaged. We have everything from trail maps, biking safety, master plans and much more.

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Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan

Over the next few years, we’re looking to create bike boulevards, expand our trail system, and create safe crossings for busy streets.

Resources & Tips

Biking & Walking Safety

  • Walking
    Safety Tips
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    Walking Safety Tips:
    • Cross the street at a designated crosswalk or intersection whenever possible.
    • Don’t rely solely on pedestrian signals. Always look before you cross the road.
    At night:
    • Increase your visibility by carrying a flashlight, wearing light colors and reflective clothing.
    • If possible, have a walking partner and only use well-lit walking paths
    • It is safest to walk on a sidewalk or trail, but if one is not available, walk on the shoulder facing traffic.
  • Biking
    Safety Tips
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    General Tips for Biking:
    • Ride with the flow of traffic
    • Use hand signals when turning and stopping
    • Obey traffic signs, signals, and lane markings. Yield to traffic when appropriate, including pedestrians.
    • When possible, ride in the bike lane, bike route, paved shoulder, or trail.
    Biking at Night:
    • Use headlights, tail lights and reflectors
    • Wear light colored and reflective clothing
    • Try to be predictable and visible to drivers
    • Keep a careful eye out for turning traffic at every intersection and driveway
    • Always wear a helmet and never ride with headphones
    • Practice defensive biking
    Bike 101:

    The American League of Bicyclists has a great series of videos on smart cycling. Here are links to a few to get you started:

  • Driving
    Safety Tips
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    Be alert and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists at all times
    • Avoid using cell phones and other distractions while driving
    Be responsible: yield to pedestrians at crossings and give bicyclists room
    • Yield to pedestrians when making a right or left turns at intersections
    • Treat bicyclists like slow cars: do not tailgate and wait until traffic conditions allow you to pass safely with at least 3 feet of space between vehicle and bike.
    Be patient: drive the speed limit and avoid agressive maneuvers
    • Never pass or overtake a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians
    • Novice riders and children can be unpredictable; expect the unexpected

    More Driving Safety Tips