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    Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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    (620) 663-5111

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Hutch Rec Downtown


Hutch Rec Downtown is the home to the administrative offices for the Hutchinson Recreation Commission employees. Patrons can come to Hutch Rec Downtown to register for activities and inquire about upcoming events/programming. Hutch Rec Downtown also hosts various community programs throughout the year.

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    Hutch Rec Downtown is home to the administrative offices of the Hutchinson Recreation Commission as well as the following divisions & departments

    • Community Events
    • Hutch Rec Race Series
    • Sports & Tournaments
    • Enrichment & Camps
    • Arts & Culture
    • Healthy Hutchinson Neighborhood Initiative
    • Marketing & Development
    • Finance

    You can contact Hutch Rec Downtown at 620-663-6179.