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Healthy Neighborhood Initiative Featured Neighborhoods Map

Healthy Neighborhood Initiative

Thriving neighborhoods come from healthy communities. Hutch Rec wants to ensure our community is an attractive place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

The Healthy Neighborhood Initiative (HNI) is a collaborative effort between Hutch Rec, the City of Hutchinson, and residents to inspire community spirit and promote healthy living spaces for an enhanced quality of life. The initiative focuses on fostering unity, transparency, and partnership to create a vibrant and connected community.
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Featured Neighborhoods

  • SW Bricktown
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    Boundary: This neighborhood is between Avenue F and Fourth Avenue, from Washington Street west to Cow Creek.

    SW Bricktown is home to Shadduck Park, Avenue A School, SW Bricktown Park, Reno County Courthouse and annex, and Reno County Farmers Market. Part of the Jim P. Martinez Sunflower Trail runs along the west edge of the neighborhood. Its name is inspired by the remaining segments of brick streets on Avenue B, First, and Second avenues. SW Bricktown borders Downtown Hutchinson, giving residents nearby access to shopping, services, and entertainment.

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    SW Bricktown

  • The Founders Neighborhood
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    Boundary: This neighborhood is between the BNSF and Union Pacific railroads from Walnut Street east of downtown to the Ken Kennedy  Freeway.

    The Founders Neighborhood is home to City Hall, the Reno County Museum, the Post Office, and three parks: George Pyle Park, Two Wheeler Park, and Houston Whiteside Park. The Founders Neighborhood is one of Hutchinson’s oldest neighborhoods, with many historically significant homes in the Houston Whiteside Historic District.

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    The Founders Neighborhood 

  • Grace Arbor
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    Boundary: This neighborhood is between Fourth and 11th avenues, from Main Street east to Plum Street.

    Its name is an homage to the former Grace Hospital that was in the neighborhood, and the north-south streets named after trees. Grace Arbor is home to Faris Elementary School, a half-dozen churches. In addition the neighborhood also emcompassses Hutchinson Community College’s Allied Health programs, and the Salvation Army.

    Currently, the City of Hutchinson, and residents are working toward the creation of a neighborhood park.

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    Grace Arbor

  • Midtown
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    Boundary: This neighborhood is between 11th and 17th avenues, from Main Street west to Monroe Street.

    Midtown is named for its location in the middle of Hutchinson, where it is home to Johnson Park, a.k.a Cub Square, Hutchinson Middle School 8, and a business corridor that includes a grocery store, pharmacy, coffee shop, and art gallery, among other businesses. Homes in Midtown vary considerably in size and style.

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  • Creekside
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    Boundary: This neighborhood is between Fourth and 11th avenues, from Main Street west to Cow Creek.

    Creekside neighborhood is home to Bernard White Park, the Hutchinson Public Library, the Hutchinson Art Center, and Magnet School at Allen. It also shares a border with the Jim P. Martinez Sunflower Trail. Shopping, services, and restaurants can be found along Creekside’s east and south edges. Developed over multiple decades by many builders, Creekside has a lot of variety in home sizes and styles. Creekside was named for its proximity to Cow Creek.

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  • College Grove
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    Boundary: This neighborhood is between 11th and 17th avenues, from Main Street east to Hutchinson Community College and Graber Elementary School.

    Located in the middle of Hutchinson, it features homes in a variety of sizes and styles from the early 20th Century. Hutchinson Community College, Graber Elementary, and the Cosmosphere, fall within neighborhood boundaries.  Residents enjoy easy access to shopping and services including: groceries, hardware, a pharmacy, dry-cleaning, a florist, which are found on the edges of the neighborhood. College Grove is named for its proximity to the college and the trees shading its streets.

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    College Grove

  • Farmington Park
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    Boundary: This neighborhood is between 30th Avenue and Robert Street, from Walnut Street east to Plum Street.

    Farmington Park Neighborhood shares its name with an 11-acre park containing a playground, picnic facilities, full-size basketball court, and half-mile trail loop. Farmington Park was platted in 1918 by famed landscape architects Hare & Hare, but it was mostly developed post-World War II and therefore features many ranch homes.

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    Farmington Park

Programs & Activities

  • Yard of the Month
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    Celebrate the beauty of Hutchinson’s featured neighborhoods with the Yard of the Month awards. This award honors residents who contribute to the allure of our community by maintaining attractive yards. Recognition is given to  individuals in each featured neighborhood, with a yard sign to proudly display and a gift card from a local business. Awards are presented in the months of April, June, August, and October.

    Nominations can be submitted by emailing

    Businesses interested in sponsoring the awards can contact Adam Stewart at

  • Neighborhood Play Library
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    Explore the Play Library, a collection of yard games available for residents to check out and enjoy during neighborhood gatherings. As an incentive, residents who fill out the city’s form to temporarily close their block for a couple of hours will receive a $50.00 gift card. This gift card can be used to purchase supplies like coffee, hotdogs, paper plates, and more for their gatherings. This initiative aims to create a safe and accessible environment, allowing residents and children to play, roam, and come together in their neighborhoods.

    Reserve the Play Library

  • Donuts on the Drive Way
    College Grove
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    From Spring through Fall, the College Grove neighborhood developed an activity called: Donuts on the Driveway, where fellow neighbors come together for a casual and friendly meet-up hosted by a resident on their driveway, yard, or porch and enjoy a tasty pastry.

    Donuts on the Driveway was started to give College Grove neighbors more low-key opportunities to get to know one another and talk about neighborhood matters. Whether it’s a morning breakfast or a snack, these semi-regular events provide the perfect setting for building connections and discussing all things neighborhood.

  • SW Bricktown Fiesta
    SW Bricktown
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    The SW Bricktown Fiesta is not only an homage to the rich heritage of the SW Bricktown Neighborhood, but is also a community-wide celebration of Hispanic Heritage month taking place in September. The Fiesta was organized by the residents and the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative in 2021 and has since become a cherished Hutchinson  tradition.

    Admission is free, welcoming everyone to partake in the festivities. Stay tuned for updates and mark your calendar for a celebration of culture, music, and community spirit in September!

  • Annual Neighborhood Meetings
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    Every year, we come together to discuss the future of our neighborhood and set our shared goals. These meetings are a chance for residents, city officials, and anyone interested in community development to connect and make a difference together.

    What’s on the Agenda:
    • Possible Neighborhood Events: Share your ideas for events that can bring your community together. Whether it’s a block party, a cultural celebration, or a health and wellness initiative, your input will help shape the neighborhood.
    • Neighborhood Goals: Discuss and refine neighborhood goals to ensure we’re moving in the right direction. Your aspirations will help contribute to building a thriving and connected community.
    • Neighborhood Resources: Learn how to access resources to improve our living spaces. Discover the avenues for funding that can make your homes, and neighborhoods a healthy and vibrant place to live. From home repairs to safer sidewalks these resources are essential to our community.
    • Ideas: Share your suggestions, and innovative ideas for enhancing our neighborhood. Together, we address challenges and explore creative solutions to make our neighborhoods even better.
    Who Can Attend:

    These meetings are open to residents, business owners, and city officials alike. We believe in the power of collaboration, and your perspective is crucial in shaping the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative.


    Find details about each meeting, including dates, locations, and additional information on our Facebook page. It’s the hub for updates, event notifications, and a place to connect with your neighbors.


  • Block by Block Investment Program
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    The Block-By-Block Investment Program is an opportunity for residents of Hutchinson to come together, improve their neighborhoods, and foster a strong sense of community pride. The program is a collaborative effort between the City of Hutchinson and Hutch Rec’s Healthy Neighborhood Initiative aimed at encouraging clusters of neighbors to collaborate on exterior home improvement projects, enhancing curb appeal and fostering a sense of community. Eligible projects include a range of exterior improvements such as updating porches, replacing front doors, adding flowerbeds, and more. 

    Who’s Eligible:

    • Must be located in a featured neighborhoods south of 17th street. (SW Bricktown, The Founders Neighborhood, Grace Arbor, Creekside, Midtown, College Grove)
    • Have proximity of clustered properties to maximize impact.
    • A minimum of five properties must participate in the application. (Renters must have project approval from land lord.)
    • Demonstrate teamwork among neighbors in planning and executing projects.
    • Fill out an application (download below,) or pick one up at the Hutch Rec Downtown Office at 17 E 1st Ave. 
    • Turn in completed application to Adam Stewart at the Hutch Rec Downtown Office at 17 E 1st Ave.


    All funds have been allocated for 2024. Applications will be accepted in early 2025. 

    Reporting Requirements: 

    Residents will be required to submit before and after photos along with copies of receipts for their projects to facilitate reimbursements.


Healthy Neighborhood Resources

Discover support through various resources designed to enhance the well-being of Reno County residents. From home improvement applications to rent and utility assistance, these initiatives are here to empower and uplift our communities.
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    Interfaith Housing & Community Services

    Interfaith Housing & Community Services seeks to alleviate poverty and build community through housing assistance, financial education and individual empowerment.

    Interfaith Housing
  • image description
    Hutchinson Down Payment Assistance

    Through the City of Hutchinson Down Payment Assistance Program, individuals who are not currently homeowners are eligible to receive $2,000 toward closing costs and down payment.

    Learn More
  • image description
    Home Repair & Rehab

    Interfaith Housing Services, Inc. has provided Homeowner Repair and Rehabilitation assistance for low-income homeowners in Reno County. This program assists households with low to moderate income in making repairs necessary to keep their home safe and accessible.

    Home Repair & Rehab Application
  • image description
    IDA Program

    The Kansas Individual Development Account (IDA) Program is offered by Interfaith Housing & Community Services, Inc. Through education and asset building, this program empowers individuals and families of low to moderate income levels to achieve financial self-sufficiency by teaching new habits of financial responsibility.

    Learn More
  • image description
    SKEED Weatherization Application

    Weatherization improves heating and cooling efficiency and energy savings by ensuring your home holds heat and air conditions while keeping hot and cold air out. Income-eligible families receive a free comprehensive home energy audit.

    Learn More
  • image description

    ​The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) is a Federally funded program that helps eligible households pay a portion of their home energy costs by providing a one-time per year benefit. Applications will be accepted yearly starting in December through March.

    Learn More
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    Reno Connections

    This is a low-barrier program that aims to empower families to achieve their goals and not only maintain stability but work towards thriving. This is achieved by increasing positive parenting practices, social supports, and services, as well as strengthening the overall family unit.

    Learn More