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Hutchinson Parks & Recreation Master Plan:


Hutch Rec and the City of Hutchinson work together to provide cohesive parks and recreation services. Together, along with the support from Heal Reno County, we are undertaking a planning effort to better understand resident usage and needs for the park and recreation system.

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    This project is to create the City of Hutchinson and Hutch Rec’s combined Healthy Communities and Parks & Recreation Master Plan, integrated with the enhancements from GP RED’s Surveillance and Management Toolkit. This will be a full master plan focused on research and health outcomes to address positioning parks and recreation in Hutchinson as partners for prioritizing and addressing preventative public health factors.

    A nationally known parks and recreation management consulting firm, GreenPlay LLC, was hired to oversee this process. This parks and recreation master plan is funded through the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant.

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Tony Finlay

Executive Director of Hutch Rec

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Justin Combs

Director of Parks & Facilities, City of Hutchinson


Hutchinson Recreation Commission strives to provide affordable, quality recreational programs to Hutchinson and area residents.

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