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October 5, 2024

Hutch Brewfest Homebrew Competition

Get ready to showcase your brewing skills at the Hutch Brewfest’s Homebrew Competition on October 5, 2024, in Downtown Hutchinson. Join fellow beer enthusiasts and vie for the title of the Best Home Brewer and the chance to produce your beer at Salt City Brewing Company!

This event will be in conjunction with Hutch Brewfest, the annual craft beer festival, a celebration of many commercial breweries from all across the state of Kansas.

Our event will take place Saturday, October 5, 2024, during Hutch Fest, a community-wide celebration that features the Downtown Hutch Rod Run car show, Salt City 10K/5K races, live music, great food and so much more.

Celebrate the art of craft beer at the Hutch Brewfest Homebrew Competition.

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Hutch Brewfest

Homebrew Competition Information

  • Entry
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    Early registration is recommended, as we have a limited amount of space for Home Brewers. Max number of contestants: 10.

    Entry Fee: $10/per entry (2 beers maximum.)
    • Register with Reggiebeer and pay the $10 entry fee (per entry.)
    • Submit your labeled beer for judging per the instructions on Reggiebeer.
    • Call Curtis at (785) 488-6532

    Deadline to register: The deadline to register is September 19, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. with beer turned in as indicated during your registration process via ReggieBeer (early Registration is Recommended.) 

    On event day, Oct. 5, bring at least 2 gallons of beer to serve at the event and prepare to have a great day of fun and fantastic beer!

    Note: we have refrigerated or temperature controlled 68-74 degree storage until the time of judging.

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  • Participant Requirements
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    Please find the information below you will need to be a part of our event:

    • Requirement #1: All varieties of beers are welcome.
    • Requirement #2: Number of Entries:
      • Each brewer must enter a minimum of two of their best home brews for judging.
    • Requirement #3: Sampling:
      • Brewers must bring a minimum of two total gallons to dispense in 2oz samples (cups provided by the festival.)
      • Brews may be dispensed from kegs, bottles, etc., and should represent at least two different brews.
        • Bringing more than two options may please the VIP public judges and increase voter appeal! (Combined, all brews needn’t exceed two gallons.) 
      • Brewers are welcome to include any samples whether submitted for BJCP judging or not.
    Sampling will immediately stop at 4:30 p.m. when awards will be announced.

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  • Judging & Prizes
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    VIP Judging: The Vip Judges will vote on “People’s Choice,” between 2:00 – 4:30 p.m.

    Votes based on:

    • Beer taste
    • Brewer Friendliness
    • Booth Spirit
    • Best labeling or art
    • Whatever the judges may like: Remember, these judges (the public) have no specific criteria.

    Private Judging: There will be private judging, prior to the public event, with certified judges.

    • Grand Prize: The winner of the judged Brewing portion
      • Bragging Rights!
      • The opportunity to brew their recipe with Salt City Brewing Company.
      • Free registration for next year’s event.
    • People’s Choice: The winner selected by the VIP judges
      • Bragging Rights!
      • Hutch Brewfest SWAG
      • Free registration for next year’s event.
    All entrants will receive a souvenir commemorative beer stein.

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Homebrew Competition

Additional Information

  • Register Your Spot

    In order to enter the competition, you must do EACH of the following by September 19, 2024. Early Registration is recommended. Only 10 spots available.

    • Register with
      • Pay the $10 entry fee per beer
    • Submit your labeled beer for judging per the instructions at
      • Call Curtis Nightingale to make arrangements: (785) 488-6532
    • Bring at least two gallons of beer to serve at the event on October 5.
    • Prepare to have a great day of fun and fantastic BEER!

    Brewer Social Hour: This will be the time to visit with fellow brewers and swap craft brewing information, stories, and anything else.

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  • Home Brewer Booths

    Every participant into the Hutch Brewfest Home Brewers Competition MUST have a booth, be present, and serve the VIP judges beer in order to enter the contest.

    • A 15′ x 15′ space will be made available for each participant.
    • Participants will also get to keep their souvenir labeled beer stein that each booth uses for public voting.

    Booth Workers: Each brewer will be given two wristbands for team members and MUST be 21 or older. Packets will be given to the team captain as the enter.

  • What to Bring

    Tent: Bring a standard 10′ x 10′, up to 14′ x 14′ booth tent, or something equivalent. (no electricity provided and no generators allowed)

    Table & Chairs: Bring a table or two, to serve your samples on and chairs for you to be comfortable.

    Booth Decorations: Bring your logo, banner, or whatever you want to make your booth fun, attractive and festive! No Music, Please. 

    Note: Electricity will not be provided.