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13 E. Sherman

Foxtrot Studio

At Foxtrot Studio, we’re not just a physical space; we’re a dynamic hub where the realms of artistic brilliance and technical skills seamlessly come together. Nestled in the heart of Hutchinson, Kansas, at 13 E. Sherman, our studio stands as a beacon of collaboration, empowerment, and community-driven growth.

What Sets Us Apart: Foxtrot Studio isn’t just a workspace; it’s an ethos. We’re nurturing a creative ecosystem that thrives on diversity, and we believe that innovation blossoms when people with different talents come together. Our studio resonates with the hum of creative energy, fueling a constant exchange of ideas and follow-through.

Foxtrot Studio

What we offer:

Whether you’re an artist, a developer, a creator, or a visionary, there’s a place for you here. Join us in creating a supportive ecosystem where dreams evolve into reality. Become a part of the Foxtrot Studio family.

  • Memberships
    Creative Membership (Individual)

    $10/month – set up as auto-renewal

    Get exclusive access to Foxtrot Studio and produce projects of your own. Whether you’d like to produce a video, audio recording, or  get connected with other creatives, we have the equipment and knowledge to help you on your creative journey.

    • Access to the studio, equipment, and networking opportunities with other creatives
    • Discounts on educational programs/Foxtrot Studio Technician consults
    • Rent the recording booth for 4 hours, get 2 additional hours free
    • Reserve a table in the community room (up to 4 hours per month)
    Corporate Membership (Business)

    Get access to Foxtrot Studio services and more with a Corporate Membership. You’ll get access to our talented technicians who are rooted in the local creative community, and will produce quality work for your business’ digital platforms. From pod casts, video production, graphic design, photography, and amplified sound the possibilities to promote your business are endless.

    $240/year (one-time charge to pay for the full year; expires one year on purchase; no auto-renew)

    • Access to all Foxtrot Studio Technician services
    • Corporate Memberships help support scholarships dollars for community members to attend Foxtrot educational programs. Corporate Members will receive special recognition at these educational programs, thanking them for their support.

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  • Unlock Our Expertise: Foxtrot Studio Services

    Foxtrot Studio Technicians are not just professionals in videography, audio recording, photography, and amplified sound; they’re passionate artists who are equally dedicated to making your project or idea into a masterpiece. To get in touch with one of our technicians, contact Foxtrot Studio Manager, Jace Chambers.

    Jace Chamber – ph: 620-500-0123; email:

    Why hire a Foxtrot Studio Technician?

    Local Talent: Our technicians are rooted in the local creative community. They understand the spirit of Reno County and bring that unique flavor to your projects.

    Versatile Services: Our technicians cover a wide spectrum of services, including video recording, sound engineering, photography, and live streaming capabilities.

    Job Types: 

    • Video/Sound Recording
    • Video/Sound Editing
    • Photography/Photo Editing
    • Live Streaming – Single Platform
    • Live Streaming – Multiple Platforms
    • Dynamic Mic Rental
    • Amplified/Recorded Sound – 1 to 3 people
    • Amplified/Recorded Sound – 4 to 12 people
    • Sound Booth
    • Music/Musician
  • Music on Main

    At the heart of vibrant communities are the beats that resonate through the streets and Music on Main is a Foxtrot Studio program that supports our local musicians — a harmonious endeavor brought to life by the Hutch Rec Foundation. You can see our program live, in action on most Third Thursday’s in Downtown Hutchinson.

    Empowering Local Musicians: We understand that the soul of our town lies in it’s local talents, and we’re here to amplify your voices. Music on Main is your stage, your platform, and your opportunity to shine. We believe that every artist deserves the chance to be heard, and we’re dedicated to making that happen.

    Free Equipment, Endless Possibilities: Imagine having access to a treasure trove of equipment to elevate your musical performances—without the burden of cost. Foxtrot Studio’s Music on Main program allows local musicians to check out top-notch equipment for their performances, absolutely free of charge. From amplifiers to microphones, our equipment library is here to support your sound.

    Supporting Local Events: Our passion for music extends beyond the studio and into the streets. Music on Main proudly supports beloved local events that make our community come alive. From the monthly vibes of Third Thursday to the spirited atmosphere of many local festivals.

    For more information on this program, please contact Foxtrot Studio Manager, Jace Chambers at 620-500-0123.

    Funding made possible by Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission.

  • DIY Smart Device Recording Kit

    Explore your creativity with recording audio and video on your own smart device. Foxtrot Studio’s DIY Smart Device Recording Kit comes with a plug-and-play microphone and a sturdy tripod for best recording quality. Whether you’re a content creator, a podcaster, a budding musician, or creator of any kind, our kit will support your recording needs.

    Foxtrot Studio’s DIY Smart Device Recording Kit can be checked out free of charge thanks to the Kansa Leadership Center.

    For more information on this program, please contact Foxtrot Studio Manager, Jace Chambers at 620-500-0123.