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Arts & Culture

In recent years, community members have worked together to position the Hutchinson-Reno County Arts and Humanities Council (HRAH) and the Heartland Arts and Culture Collective to support the development of arts and culture in Reno County. Hutch Rec supports the HRAH Council and the Heartland Collective in their work to promote healthy living and community spirit in our home in the heartland. 

Learn more about the history of arts and humanities in Hutchinson below. 

Hutchinson Reno County Arts & Humanities Council (HRAH)

  • About the Council
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    The HRAH Council is composed of appointed members who are active in the arts and culture in Hutchinson and Reno County. They work together to distribute and support the recipients of the Cultural Arts Fund while also supporting year-round programming and events.

    The Council includes members who serve both 1-year and 3-year terms. The City of Hutchinson appoints five members, while Reno County appoints two members.

    The Council meets the third Tuesday at 4 p.m. each month, unless otherwise noted. 


  • Council Members
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    HRAH Council Members include:
    • Kelbe McGill, City of Hutchinson appointee
    • Lauren Taylor, City of Hutchinson appointee
    • Geoffrey Smith, City of Hutchinson appointee
    • Christopher Wietrick, City of Hutchinson appointee
    • Emily Galliart, City of Hutchinson appointee
    • Jim French, Reno County appointee
    • Michelle Waln, Reno County appointee
  • Stay Up to Date
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    Stay up to date on the arts and culture happenings in Hutchinson with the monthly Heartland Heartbeat digital newsletter. View the monthly publication below.

    Heartland Heartbeat Newsletter


Heartland Collective

  • About the Collective
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    “Our Hearts are in the Arts.”

    In 2018, community members worked together to have a conversation about the past, present, and future of the arts and culture in Reno County. Together, they established a list of goals and outlined a vision for the collective identity of arts and cultural organizations and representatives. Their goals and vision statement concluded with, “Our Hearts are in the Arts.”

    The Heartland Arts and Culture Collective has come to Reno County through the goals of community members over several years. The Heartland Collective is a new vision for shared identity and action on behalf of all of those who work within and adjacent to and whose lives are touched by the arts and humanities. The collective will begin meeting formally in 2021.

  • Stay Up to Date
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