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Find information regarding sports tournaments, competitive and recreational leagues, policies, and our staff.

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General Policies
  • Facilities may be used only by Fun Valley/Hutchinson Recreation Commission affiliated groups or organizations for scheduled activities and practices.
  • Team coolers are permitted inside the facilities.
  • Alcohol from outside sources is not permitted in the facilities.
  • Grills or cookers are not permitted on Fun Valley premises.
  • Pets are permitted within facilities, but please clean up after them.
  • Smoking is NOT PERMITTED within facilities.
  • Soliciting is not permitted.
  • Foul language is not permitted by players, coaches, or spectators. If you are found breaking this policy, you may be asked to leave the facility and/or banned from the tournament or league temporarily or permanently.
Weather Related Policies
  • Severe Weather: In cases of severe weather, management monitors weather service information, weather radars, and public safety communications.
  • Lightning Detection: Once the lightning detection system activates, all games will cease until lightning is clear of the area.
  • PA System: All patrons will be made aware of severe weather through the PA system. At that time, all patrons will need to seek shelter immediately.
  • Tornado Siren: If the tornado siren sounds, all games and practices MUST be suspended and you must seek shelter or leave the facilities.
  • Updates: All field closures and game cancellations can be found on our website or our Facebook page or Twitter page.
Baseball and Softball
  • Hitting baseballs/softballs into chain link fencing is strictly prohibited.
  • Practicing on a field without a valid permit is prohibited.
  • Trash and equipment must be removed from dugouts by the team after each game.
  • Scoreboards and the PA system may only be used if the host has a designated supervisor (must be at least 16 years old) in charge during all hours of the event. The user or host accepts ALL responsibility for any damage or missing equipment that occurs during their event.
  • Ball field lights are only to be turned on by Fun Valley representatives.
  • Only city vehicles are permitted between the ball fields at all times.
  • Bases and pitching rubbers are to be moved only by Fun Valley representatives.
  • If frost exists on the fields, all games or events will be delayed until a Fun Valley representative approves the start of the event.
  • Fun Valley staff will make all decisions on field play ability due to inclement weather or unsafe field conditions.
Tournament Cancellation Policy

If a tournament is cancelled due to weather, all money will be refunded except a $60 administrative fee. If a tournament is canceled during play because of weather, teams will receive partial refunds. Example one, a five-game guarantee tournament: If the team played four games, no refund; three games played, 25% refund; two games played, 50% refund; one game played, 75% refund. In all cases, the $60 dollar administrative still applies. Example two, a three-game guarantee tournament: If two games played, no refund; one game played, 25% refund; no games played, full refund minus administrative fee of $60. Teams that withdraw from a tournament after a schedule is released will be subject to a $60 administrative fee. Teams that withdraw less than 24 hours from the start of a tournament WILL NOT receive any refund.

Tournament Discount Policy

We offer two types of tournament discounts. We have a multi-team discount and a multi-tournament discount. Teams/organizations are only eligible for ONE of the following discounts. They may NOT be used in conjunction with each other. Discounts will be refunded only AFTER payment and registration is completed for all events. Events must take place in the same calendar year to be eligible for a discount.

  • Multi-Team Discount: If an (1) organization registers five or more teams in a (1) tournament (any division), they will be eligible for the following discount: Sign up five or more teams and receive $50 off entry per team.
  • Multi-Tournament Discount: If a (1) team registers for five or more tournaments, they will be eligible for the following discount: Sign up for five or more tournaments and receive $50 off entry per tournament.
Field Permits

Field requests will be prioritized in this manner:

  1. Teams/ individuals participating in a Hutchinson Recreation Commission sponsored league or tournament.
  2. Teams/ individuals participating in an approved league or tournament being sponsored by Hutchinson Community College.
  3. Teams/ individuals participating in an approved league or tournament being sponsored by USD #308 or YMCA.
  4. All other users.

Other Field Request Policies:

  • Field request may only be submitted by an individual who is 18 years or older.
  • Hutch Rec staff has the right to approve or disapprove all field requests.
  • Fields may be requested in person at Hutch Rec offices.
  • Field requests must be submitted five days prior to requested date.
  • Field requests that are submitted less than five days from requested date will have no guarantee that exact fields or accommodations will be made and may not be approved.


Hutch Rec has established these rules for all persons and groups that use the facilities and requires them to be followed by all users. Hutch Rec may alter, change and add any rules they deem necessary to provide the public and all citizens of the Hutchinson area a high quality facility and to protect the public. Failure to follow these rules or any rule Hutch Rec deems appropriate for a particular situation of which the user had prior knowledge could result in the below.

  • Revoking a permit for a specific group or individual:
    • The host/user group will be held financially responsible for damages; and/or
    • The host/user group may lose the privilege to use Hutch Rec facilities in the future.