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Cheers to 75 years!

We Are Hutch Rec

We are Hutch Rec – your local recreation experts providing 75 years of healthy living and community spirit.  At Hutch Rec, our brand is a lifestyle that we represent and a culture that carries into all areas of our work.

Since 1947, we’ve grown into 10 divisions who are united to provide the community with lifelong wellness, cultural, natural, and recreational opportunities. Our mission is to promote healthy minds and bodies, and we do this through innovative programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and protected open spaces.

Below are some of the stories that helped shape us through the years in Hutchinson, Kansas. We’d love it if you’d join in and share stories of your own Hutch Rec experience on social media using the hashtag #WeAreHutchRec.

Hutch Rec Passport Experience

Help us celebrate our 75th anniversary with the Hutch Rec Passport Experience!

May 1, 2022 – Oct. 1, 2022

Simply pick up a passport at one of our Hutch Rec facilities and start your journey. Inside the passport there are places for stamps that you can receive from each of our Hutch Rec facilities. Once you receive 6 or more stamps, turn in the passport at Hutch Rec Downtown to receive your choice of 75th anniversary SWAG. Your completed passport earns you TWO entries into our monthly social media giveaway and our grand prize drawing on October 1st at Hutch Brewfest.

That’s three ways to win!

  • Turn in the passport for a prize.
  • A completed passport automatically enters you into our monthly social media giveaway – a pair of comfy stadium seats.
  • A completed passport automatically enters you into our grand prize drawing taking place on October 1st  with an adult prize valued at $1,000 and two youth prizes valued at $500!
  • Pick up a passport at these facilities:
    • Hutch Rec Downtown – 17 E 1st Avenue
    • Dillon Nature Center – 3002 E 30th Avenue
    • Senior Center at Elmdale Park – 400 E Avenue
  • Receive stamps at:
    • Hutch Rec Downtown – 17 E 1st Avenue
    • Dillon Nature Center – 3002 E 30th Avenue
    • Senior Center at Elmdale Park – 400 E Avenue E
    • Salt City Splash – 1601 S Plum
    • Hutchinson Sports Arena – 1300 N Plum
    • Foxtrot Studio – 13 E Sherman
    • Fun Valley Sport Complex – 4401 W 4th
    • Hobart-Detter Field – 9 Emerson Loop, Carey Park, Hutchinson, KS

Hutch Rec History

  • 1946

    Post WWII, a group of Hutchinson businessmen established a recreation center for teens. It was primarily funded by donations. The small building opened its doors in 1946 at 617 N. Main, Hutchinson, KS.

  • Jan. 1, 1947

    Wanting to form an official recreation commission, the Grandview Neighborhood Association presented the Hutchinson Board of Education with a petition in 1946. The referendum was successful, and the Hutchinson Recreation Commission became officially established on Jan. 1, 1947. The Recreation Commission was affiliated with the Hutchinson USD 308, according to state statute.

  • Record Hop at Memorial Hall, 1956

    Early days of the Hutchinson Recreation Commission sponsored record hops for teens at the former Convention Hall, or what we know now as Memorial Hall. They also sponsored activities like, ragtag football, HRC Canteen operated a school lunch program for about 10 years when Hutchison High School was located off of Main Street. Beginning years of the Hutchinson Recreation Commission featured traditional forms of recreation (mostly sports, arts and crafts), but limited to teens and youth in the local area.


  • Dillon Nature Center, 1970

    A beloved treasure in our community, the Dillon Nature Center located at 3002 E 30th, was donated to Hutch Rec in the early 1970’s. The Hutch Rec commission then added an Education and Discovery Center, or what we know now as the Visitors Center opened on the Dillon Nature Center grounds in 1994.

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  • Arts in Hutch, 1976

    The Hutchinson Recreation Commission also played a detrimental role in the development of the arts community in Hutchinson. Pictured here is a group of local theatre students in 1976 called the “Red Barn Players” who would perform several shows for local audiences. Did you know Hutch Rec also helped in the develop several Hutchinson orchestra groups?

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  • Elmdale, 1979

    Located at 400 E Ave. E, Elmdale Community Center opened it’s doors in 1979. As the years progressed, a wellness center started operations there in 1994, and in the early 2000’s became the Senior Center at Elmdale Park where seniors can join activities and wellness programs as members with lunch served on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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  • Keller Leisure Art Center, 1994

    Keller Leisure Arts Center, what we know now as Hutch Rec Downtown, opened in Downtown Hutchinson in 1994. With several classrooms inside the building used for various activities as well as offices for staff members.

  • Salt City Splash, 2000

    In 2000, Hutch Rec went from operating three city pools, to one as Salt City Splash Aquatic Center opened in Carey Park. The pool is well-loved by both locals and visitors, with a wading pool, kiddie pool, three water slides, diving board, and a full-length, 50-meter pool.

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  • Fun Valley, 2014

    In 2014, Hutch Rec took over operations of Fun Valley Sports Complex and Hobart-Detter Field. Housing both Baseball and Softball tournaments throughout the season, as well as Sand Volleyball. Hutch Rec maintains the grounds and concessions, as well as organizes teams. In the fall our annual Muddy Hutch 5K takes place at Fun Valley Sports Complex with over 20 unique and muddy obstacles.

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  • Hobart Detter, 2015

    Hutch Rec was delighted to take-up operations of one of the most historic ballparks in the Midwest, Hobart-Detter Field in Carey Park. Hobart-Detter is the home field for Hutchinson Community College, Hutchinson High School, and the Hutchinson Monarchs summer league baseball team — and most recently has been host to the NBC World-Series.

    Fun Fact:

    • Mickey Mantle, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds have all played at Hobart- Detter.

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  • Sports Arena, 2017

    Hutch Rec began programming and operations out of the newly renovated Hutchinson Sports Arena in 2017. Operating along-side the City of Hutchinson and Hutchinson Community College, you can find Hutch Rec Fitness classes, youth and adults sports games and practices, as well as open times for indoor walking.

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  • Third Thursday, 2018

    Hutch Rec began organizing and promoting monthly Third Thursday activities in Downtown Hutchinson to celebrate the vibrant local culture through art, music, and commerce. This is a collaboration between our Arts and Humanities & Community Events divisions. Third Thursday is free to attend and open to everyone.

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  • Smallville Festival, 2018

    Hutch Rec began organizing, programming and promoting Smallville Festival in 2018. Smallville Festival kicks off annually on the Third Thursday in June to celebrate Hutchinson’s name change to “Smallville, Kansas,” official hometown of Superman! Celebrations span all weekend long, and include our very own “Smallville Con,” held at the Kansas State Fairgrounds.

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  • Hutch Brewfest, 2021

    Hutch Rec and the Hutch Rec Foundation created a craft beer festival in Downtown, Hutchinson, that is set to take place annually in the fall. With a variety of breweries from around the state of Kansas making an appearance to pour out samples of their product for ticket holders.

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  • Foxtrot Studio, 2022

    Just a “trot” away from Hutchinson’s historic Fox Theatre, Foxtrot Studio is located at 13 E Sherman. It’s a media resource studio formed between the partnership of the Reno County Arts & Humanities Council and Hutch Rec. The studio is open for reservations, with in-house technicians who can run & record audio/visuals, and help with digital media needs. The studio operates on an hourly rate, with discounts for members.

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