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Rental Information
Elmdale Community Center
Private individual groups, teams, service clubs, and other non-profit organizations

Multi-purpose room, kitchen, and gym (includes one racquetball court) - $35/hr. (2 hour minimum)

Gym - $20/hr. (1-hour minimum)

Multi-purpose room and kitchen – $30/hr. (2 hour minimum)


Commercial and for-profit

Gym - $25/hr.  (1-hour minimum)

Multi-purpose room and kitchen –  $35/hr. (2 hour minimum)
 1.  Reservations may be made up to six (6) months in advance of the desired date.  The renter must sign an agreement at time of application and pay a $100 deposit.  Deposits will be processed/mailed back after inspection of the building, provided the cleaning procedures have been met.  Deposits are processed by the HRC the 15th and 30th of each month.  If damage or clean up is more than the deposit amount collected, the user will be billed the difference.


2.  The full rental fee is due one week before the scheduled rental.  The staff of each facility will approve times for rentals.  No group will be allowed to remain or loiter inside/outside the facility.  The time reserved must be inclusive of whatever time is needed to set up, decorate, etc. and clean up.

3.  Elmdale - No rental shall begin prior to 8:00 am nor run past 10:00 pm weekdays, unless prior approval is authorized. Saturday and Sunday rentals shall not begin before 8:00 am nor run past midnight.  

4.Agreements for facility use may not be transferred, assigned or sold.



 1.      All decorations must be flameproof or fire retardant and approved by the director or his/her authorized representative. 

2.      All decorations must be applied with removable-type cellophane tape.  The use of glue, masking tape, nails, staples, screws, duct tape, etc. is not allowed on walls or ceilings.  All tape and string must be removed from all surfaces and equipment at the conclusion of the rental. 

3.      All plants, trees, and shrubs must be in waterproof containers and must be carefully placed so as not to damage floors or tables, or block fire exits.

4.      Decorations may not be hung from the light fixtures, ceiling fans, heat detectors, or emergency lights.

1.      The HRC provides tables and chairs, but they may not be used for outside activities.  The building, or equipment therein, may not be altered in any way without consent of the building attendant on duty.

2.      Renter is responsible for set-up and takedown of tables and chairs.

3.      The user must protect the facility from damage or mistreatment.  Groups using the facility must be responsible for the condition in which the facility and its equipment are left.  In addition to cleaning all areas inside the facility, the outside area including parking lot, sidewalks, etc., must be clean and free of all litter.  The user is responsible for any clean up needed and/or damage done by the caterer.

4.      Floors should be vacuumed and/or swept and wet mopped, if needed.  All trash receptacles should be emptied and deposited in dumpster.  HRC will provide trash bags, mop bucket, dust mops, wet mops, etc. for clean up.

5.      A check-off list of clean-up procedures and responsibilities will be provided and will be completed prior to leaving the facility.  The attendant on duty and the renters will go through the building with the check-off list before the rental and before the renters leave the building.

6.      If using floors for dancing, please remove any black marks made by shoes.

7.      If using the gym and black marks are made from shoes, they should be cleaned up.  Staff attendant on duty has the authority to restrict gym use to the persons who are wearing shoes that are causing black marks.

1.      Cancellations received must be made at least one month prior to scheduled date to receive refund of deposit.  Notification of cancellation two weeks or less will result in forfeiture of all fees, except deposit.

2.      The HRC attendant on duty will help meet your needs if at all possible.  Let us know before your rental if there is a need for additional equipment.

3.      If you have questions about the above information feel free to call us, and we will do our best to help you.  Thank you for your cooperation – it is our pleasure to serve you!