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Fishing Information & Rules
Fishing is only allowed in the upper pond, which is adjacent to the visitor center building. The lower pond is strictly for wildlife study. Please note that certain areas of the upper pond are off limits to fishing. This includes on or under the visitor center’s observation deck and just north of the visitor center in the garden areas. Signs mark the areas that are off-limits to fishing.

This pond is stocked with catfish in the warmer months and trout in the colder months. An approximate schedule of these stockings is usually posted at the nature center.

Everyone from 16 to 65 years of age must have a valid Kansas Fishing License to fish at the nature center. Everyone regardless of age must have a valid trout permit to fish for trout at the nature center. The nature center does not sell licenses or permits.

No other animals including turtles, snakes, frogs, etc. may be caught or harmed in any way at the nature center. If a turtle is accidentally caught, it should be released in the lower pond near the front gate where fishing is not allowed.

Fishing is never allowed after dark or when the gates are closed.

No setlines, bank lines, trot lines, of any kind are allowed.

Live minnows are not allowed as bait.

Littering is not only disgusting but also illegal. Discarded fishing line is very dangerous to other wildlife. Please put litter in the receptacles provided.

Only bait and lure and fishing are allowed. Snagging, archery, hand fishing, netting, gigging, etc. are not allowed.

Boats, floatation devices, canoes, etc. are not allowed on our pond except for programs conducted by Dillon Nature Center staff.

Canoes being used by students or for nature center programs have the right-of-way on the pond. Please be careful casting near them.

Special Creel Limits: Bass…one per day Catfish…five per day

Special Length Limits: Bass…15 inches Catfish…12 inches

Note on creel limits: There are not creel or length limits on other fish such as blue gill and crappie. You may not share your catch with other people to increase your creel limit. Once you catch that limit (e.g. five trout) you cannot catch any more trout for the day. Catching more than your limit and taking it home and returning in the same day to catch more is a state crime that is punishable by severe penalties.

Anyone caught breaking these rules will be prosecuted and will be permanently banned from visiting the Nature Center in the future.